Friday, July 20, 2012

A Thanking Note!

In furtherance of giving a sweet thanks to you, this is my tiny effort to make you little aware that I have completely fallen in love with you. You might be thinking that the girl is naughty enough using the finest butter which could make anybody slip onto the floor.  Sir! Thanking somebody that too in a special way is a tedious task. I thought many times and came to the conclusion that it is not the right time to do special things since we live apart.

Well someone has rightly said, “if you want to make your wife happy then gift her as many gifts as you can…  ;)” Sir would you like to check your wallet?  Neah…! My wife is not so demanding and not even a tantrum shower. She is a perfect blend of sensibile and compromising nature, whatever I say she agrees to that.  ASOKA!  I was wrong. We can never understand how do these women change, also can never resolve this mystery out. Poor men!

Don’t be so scared. I will not erode much of your pocket just few diamond sets, trip to London, New York & Egypt and that’s it! Ha ha ha… making you even more scared this time.  One question must have reached to your thought process that, is it really a thanking note? It appears to be a demanding note instead.

Well, I would like to thank my sweet & cute hubby for gifting me a useful, tangible, wireless, configured, technical body, loaded with numerous features, which would always be handy to listen down his sweet voice and to capture down beautiful pictures which would be sending out across the ocean to put smile on his face. Chocolates for those who have guessed it correctly, yes… It’s a mobile phone. He asked me several times, which phone do you want? also gave me few options such as HTC explorer, Samsung Galaxy S1, Samsung ACE or HTC ChaCha. Confused! Aaammm…HTC explorer, Samsung Galaxy S1, ACE, Ok... Order ChaCha… it’s cool… think again…  No, it’s good. Next day… hmmm… mood changed… order ACE… but I have already placed the order… uufff… girls are crazy! Don’t have sense to choose any gadget. Check this out... http://geekaphone.com/compare/HTC-ChaCha-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-Ace  ACE Cancel.  At last… phone got selected. Again, toffees for those who have caught it correctly, yes… its HTC ChaCha.

In lieu of this gift, I wanted to give him one sweet and special thanks but… now the mystery begins here, "I would do things whatever are in my hands; just being myself within the limits." Now no-one will get any chocolates or toffees because this is between me & him. Sshhh…

Gifts are nothing but modes to convey how much love you do to your dear ones. May you be blessed with sound health and lot of wealth so that, you can love your wife even more efficiently.

To be continued...

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