Monday, July 25, 2011


On a friendship day, this is a tribute to my best friend ‘NAQVEE’.

When it comes to count my friends… the list is too short. I have very few friends whom I can trust. I am lucky enough as I have at least one genuine friend for each phase of my life… be it KG, Nursery or College. It’s not easy to find a true friend in adolescence because people make friends just to use them.

When I was in college, I was such a dumbo ass; I didn’t even know who is good or who is bad…? Who is taking advantage of me or who is using me? But, I was successful enough as I found my kinda girl, who could really understand me and who was there with me when I was alone. And she is still there in my life even after college. It’s true… with the passé of time, changes do come in life. Our life has also changed after college.

• Earlier, when we were in college, we used to be empty pockets whereas now I and she, both are working. Hence, our pockets are no more empty.
• Earlier, we used to wear not so good attires, now we have started shopping on our monthly basis.
• Earlier we used to talk like immature buddies whereas now we are grown up fellows.
• Earlier we used to go for lunches whereas now we have started dinners in expensive restaurants.
But one thing which never changed is our bonding. I don’t know what kind of adhesive is there which never allow breakings. It is also true that friendship cannot be survived alone without the flavor of fight (only momentary). We had serious fights as well, which actually strengthened our bonding. Differences came, stayed for a while and went away forever. Now I hardly remember any fight or any kind of argument since one year.

On 4th of July, it was her birthday and we celebrated it like anything. She kept telling that she was born on the same date when America got its independence. I wonder! Berak Obama wasn’t feeling jealous of her that Americans were less enthu for their own country’s birthday. ;) Well, jokes apart, I am really thanked full to God that I have such a wonderful friend in my life. I always pray to God that she should be blessed with sound health. As she recently had got hepatitis ‘A’ & typhoid and she is a permanent patient of thyroid.

Well…I must mention the fact that I & she are two lazy birds and we can go to any extant for keeping ourselves fit, like from jogging to yoga etc. but, one should appreciate our inconsistency which we maintain. First I started early morning jogging and thereafter she was also invited for the same. I used to wake first and then I used to call her up but all of a sudden I started saying that it’s very difficult for me to wake up early in the morning and for that matter she started cursing me. I used to take that curses very positively as somewhere I felt I am the defaulter but it was never pointed out that now it’s her turn to wake me up? Alas! Eventually we stopped jogging and we continued our sleeps. Now yesterday the lazy queen came up with the idea of appointing me as her trainer for her health care as she is less concern about her own health. Now tell me… who is lazier????

When it comes to fighting; we fight like cats & dogs. We are crazzzzy!!!! We can dance like anything. We are mad….! Well along with the madness, we have our own qualities as well. Like for instance I am a good ‘COOK’ and she is a good ‘STORY TELLER’. And together we become even more talented and more powerful as we have made our own Guineas Book of World Record in walking. We have walked around 15 km a day.

We both love nature, window shopping, walking, dancing etc.; we both love to eat but simultaneously we become more happy when we share our food with hungry poor people; we love to help the needy ones. After all we both have soft corners for beggars, handicaps, rake pickers, booksellers etc. we are very much attached to them as we choose them as our subject for our empirical research in clinical course when we were in college.

At times I feel, without her, I would have become incomplete. Indeed she is my treasured friend. I’m glad I found her; our friendship is a gift we share. I can be myself around her, Safe in her love and care. I miss her when she’s out of sight; our friendship bond was meant to be. I think of her with great delight; she’s almost part of me. Through fun and fears, play and tears, we help each other heal and grow.
I prize our time--the days, the years, more than she can know. Just harmony for I and she, the two of us--a perfect blend. I’ll cherish her in my whole life, my dear and treasured friend NAQVEE.


  1. well first of all, i will give you a reply of your post on friendship day so be sure you read it.. but for here.. You made me cry but i loved reading it that You really like spending your precious time with Me.. Growing up with u is so much fun.

    I love you... bcoz you deserved to be loved. NOT WANTING TO LOOSE YOU

  2. Good write up Sana, wish and pray that jealously and falsehood always stay from you...