Saturday, July 23, 2011


Under the shade of a tree, when I close my eyes, I ask why...? why do we dream? why do we make promises? why do we sow something which we can't reap? All questions end up with the desire to live better life. Like everyone, I am also a common person who feels, we are here to fulfill our dreams and to meet our commitments towards life.

In the crowd of metropolis with loads of dreams in eyes to achieve something in life I leave my house everyday. The day starts with a heavy mind and with sleepy eyes but my subconscious mind motives me to do things against my wishes. Daily office routine, heavy dose of work, manager's lectures, gossiping, backbiting, etc. are part of my life. Different people with different background teach me a new lesson each time. Today is different from yesterday, which actually creates suspense and gives reason to rise next morning.

Life is not an easy job. Happiness, sorrow, hollowness, love; breakup, friendship, jealousy are part of everyone's life. But successful people are those who can balance out their lives with these kind of stuff. At times, I loose my control over my emotions which could be my weak point. I know while running with the hunt of quest, lust of money, position, competition and success, the time would not be there with me to overcome my weaknesses. Therefore, I should not let my time go, I may done with few things but many more things are still need to be done by me.

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  1. indeed an interesting post. There are many things that are required to be achieved along with all these worldly passions. You have to analyse your each dream and see if the outcome will make u happy? life is about gaining in the Beginning and loosing all in the end. Whatever we do now will give benefit if not to us then to those who will succeed us.. like our kids.. Im sure your weakness wont stop you from achieving anything good but lust of every kind is a negative emotion which you should never think about achieving.. KEEP GOING AND YOU WILL REACH YOUR DESTINATION BUT REMEMBER TO STAY STEADY..

    Im in support of you